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August 31st Pre-conference events
September 1st Drupalcamp Paris, code/documentation sprints, training
September 2-4 back-to-back talks and BOF sessions
September 5 code/documentation sprints

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Activity 1: Code and documentation sprints

Code/documentation sprints get developers together for a set amount of time – usually one to two days – and just focus writing code or documentation. That's it. No explicit teaching, no sessions, just sharing knowledge, learning from the others as the day progresses and work towards a common goal.

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Gathering of like–minded people to discuss & learn about Drupal, through as many nonpre–scheduled presentations as possible. Starts at 1pm on September 1st.
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greenⅴpn安卓版 Commercial events

Acquia Partner Day: this event will provide an in-depth overview of the Acquia Partner program. If your organization designs, builds and/or implements Drupal solutions for your clients, then we encourage you to attend to learn more about how Acquia can work with you to grow the market for Drupal solution offerings.

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Track 1: From zero to hero

Learn what Drupal is all about, where to start and how to select and apply the right techniques and building blocks for your projects.

Track 2: Code it, test it, deploy it

Dive into the internals and learn what makes Drupal tick. Share ideas, approaches, pitfalls and possibilities. Take part in discussions and help shape Drupal 7 and beyond.

Track 3: Business development and Strategy

Is Drupal Enterprise Ready (TM)? Does it scale? Can it interconnect with legacy systems and, for that matter, will it still be around when web4.0 rules the world? How is the open source model economically viable and how does Drupal's GPL-based licensing model affect my organizational and commercial strategy?

Find out all this and more through a selection of showcases and war stories. Learn how, and why, organizations increasingly choose Drupal as a foundation for sustainable, industry-specific solutions.

Track 4: User Experience and design

Find out what all the D7 UX fuss is all about and why the effort spearheaded by Mark Boulton and Leisa Reichelt will be one of Drupal's most important milestones to date. Discuss the essence of user interaction and help bridge the gap between designers and developers.

Discover the endless possibilities of the theme layer and how to turn its raw power to your advantage efficiently and correctly. As always: with great power comes great responsibility.

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